Dehri On Sone Railway Station : Time Table of All Trains

Dehri On Sone Railway Station : Time Table of All Trains

Dehri On Sone Railway Station । डेहरी ऑन सोन रेलवे स्टेशन । DOS

Dehri On Sone is an very important ‘A’ grade railway station in Rohtas District of Bihar. Station code of Dehri On Sone is DOS. It is one of the most revenue generating station in Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya (DDU) division (formely known as Mughalsarai Division) in East Central Railway Zone. It lies between Gaya-DDU Grand Chord section of Indian Railways.

Top 3 revenue generating railway stations of FY 2021-22 (DDU DIVISION)

1. Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhayay Jn. (DDU) 149.22 Crores

2. Gaya Jn. (GAYA) 121.92 Crores

3. Dehri On Sone (DOS) 29.09 Crores

Top 3 revenue generating railway stations of FY 2022-23 (DDU DIVISION)

1. Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhayay Jn. (DDU) 220.76 Crores

2. Gaya Jn. (GAYA) 180.17 Crores

3. Dehri On Sone (DOS) 40.12 Crores

Here the number of platforms are 6 and tracks are triple electric line. Before Covid-19 pandemic there were 7 originating & terminating trains from DOS and 87 trains were halting at this station.

Dehri On Sone railway station
Dehri On Sone railway station

Dehri On Sone (DOS) railway station directly connects you to all the metropolitan cities (Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai) as well as to other important cities of India.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें -> डेहरी ऑन सोन रेलवे स्टेशन । DOS । सुपरफास्ट/एक्सप्रेस/पैसेंजर ट्रेनों की समय सारणी

Dehri On Sone railway station : Time Table of all trains

Currently there are 92 trains halting/originating/terminating at this railway station.

Following are the list of Superfast/Mail/Express trains.

Train NumberTrain NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeRemarks
20839 Ranchi – New Delhi Rajdhani Express (via Gomoh Jn)00:1400:16
20840New Delhi – Ranchi Rajdhani Express (via Gomoh Jn)02:3002:32
12877Ranchi – New Delhi Garib Rath Express00:0200:04
12878New Delhi – Ranchi Garib Rath Express02:4002:42
12876ANVT – Puri Neelachal Express 00:2000:22
12875Puri – ANVT Neelachal Express 04:1304:15
12322Mumbai CSMT – Howrah Mail00:3500:37
12321Howrah – Mumbai CSMT Mail07:5808:00
12942Asansol-Bhavnagar Parasnath Express 01:0001:02
12941Bhavnagar-Asansol Parasnath Express 04:0904:11
12397Gaya-New Delhi Mahabodhi Express 15:1315:15
12398New Delhi-Gaya Mahabodhi Express 01:0001:02
13349Singrauli-Patna Express 01:30 01:55
13350Patna-Singrauli Festival Special23:0023:25
13307Dhanbad-Ferozpur Cantt Ganga Sutlej Express 02:0202:04
13308Ferozpur Cantt-Dhanbad Ganga Sutlej Express 23:3423:36
11045Kolhapur-Dhanbad Deekshabhoomi Express 02:3002:32
11046Dhanbad-Kolhapur Deekshabhoomi Express 14:4014:42
12175Howrah-Gwalior Chambal SF Express 02:3202:34
12176Gwalior-Howrah Chambal SF Express 21:4821:50
20975Howrah – Agra Cantt. Chambal Express 02:3202:34
20976Agra Cantt-Howrah. Chambal Express 21:4821:50
12177Howrah-Mathura Chambal Express 02:3202:34
12178Mathura-Howrah Chambal Express 21:4821:50
22912Howrah-Indore Shipra Express 02:4402:46
22911Indore-Howrah Shipra Express 22:0122:03
12815Puri-ANVT Nandan Kanan Express 02:5302:55
12816ANVT-Puri Nandan Kanan Express 20:0620:08
13347Patna-Barkakana Palamu Express 00:4501:05
13348 Barkakana-Patna Palamu Express 03:5004:10
18311Sambalpur-Banaras Intercity Express05:2005:22
18312Banaras-Sambalpur Intercity Express 18:1718:19
12311Howrah-Kalka Netaji SF Express (Kalka Mail)06:0706:09
12312Kalka-Howrah Netaji SF Express (Kalka Mail)22:2122:23
Time Table of trains at Dehri On Sone (DOS) railway station
Dehri On Sone Platform No. 4 & 5
13009Howrah-Yog Nagari Rishikesh Doon Express 06:1406:16
13010Yog Nagari-Howrah Rishikesh Doon Express 19:0519:07
12801Puri-New Delhi Purushottam Express 14:4314:45
12802New Delhi-Puri Purushottam Express 11:2011:22
12389Gaya-MGR Chennai Central Weekly Express 06:216:23
12390MGR Chennai Central-Gaya Weekly Express 21:0821:10
12987Sealdah-Ajmer SF Express 07:2307:25
12988Ajmer-Sealdah SF Express 06:3406:36
12385Howrah-Jodhpur Express 07:1707:19
12386Jodhpur-Howrah SF Express 19:4919:51
12387Howrah – Bikaner Express 07:3507:37
12388 Bikaner-Howrah Express 19:4919:51
12381Howrah-New Delhi Poorva Express 15:5215:54
12381New Delhi-Howrah Poorva Express 07:4707:49
12353Howrah-Lalkuan Superfast SF Express 15:4515:47
12354Lalkuan-Howrah Superfast SF Express 09:4309:45
13167Kolkata-Agra Cantt Express 19:4719:49
13168Agra Cantt-Kolkata Express 22:3422:36
13151Kolkata -Jammu Tawi Express 22:2722:29
13152Jammu Tawi – Kolkata Express 04:4004:42
18609Ranchi – Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express 04:1304:15
18610Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Ranchi Express 22:4822:50
18103Tata – Amritsar Express 05:0805:10
18104Amritsar -Tata Express 12:3112:33
22410Anand Vihar – Gaya Garib Rath Express 07:5207:54
22409Gaya – Anand Vihar Garib Rath Express 20:3820:40
18611 Ranchi – Banaras Intercity Express05:2005:22
18612 Banaras – Ranchi Intercity Express18:1718:19
14259Gaya-Lucknow Ekatmata Express (Via Pratapgarh)19:5820:00
14260Lucknow-Gaya Ekatmata Express (Via Pratapgarh)09:0009:02
14261Gaya-Lucknow Ekatmata Express (Via Sultanpur)19:5820:00
14262Lucknow-Gaya Ekatmata Express (Via Sultanpur)09:0009:02
18639Ara-Ranchi Express (Triweekly)12:2012:22
18640Ranchi-Ara Express (Triweekly)04:1204:14
15021Shalimar-Gorakhpur Express (Weekly)08:0608:08
15022Gorakhpur-Shalimar Express (Weekly)20:4520:47
Time Table of trains at Dehri On Sone (DOS) railway station

DOS railway station:-List of Passenger/Intercity Special Trains

03342Dehri On Sone-Barkakana Passenger Train14:40
03341 Barkakana-Dehri On Sone Passenger Train16:20
03693Dehri On Sone – Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Memu Special09:35
03694Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay- Dehri On Sone Memu Special18:25
03691Gaya-Dehri On Sone MEMU Special09:30
03692Dehri On Sone – Gaya MEMU Special18:30
13305 Dhanbad – Dehri On Sone Intercity Express 12:35
13306Dehri On Sone – Dhanbad Intercity Express 15:50
18635Ranchi – Sasaram Intercity Express 23:23 23:25
18636Sasaram – Ranchi Intercity Express 03:5503:57
13243Patna-Bhabhua Road Intercity Express 22:1222:14
13244Bhabua Road-Patna Intercity Express 04:5604:58
13553Asansol – Varanasi MEMU Passenger16:2416:26
13554Varanasi-Asansol MEMU Passenger07:5507:57
14223 Rajgir-Varanasi Buddh Purnima Express 05:2905:31
14224Varanasi – Rajgir Buddh Purnima Express 23:2023:22
03311 Barwadih – Dehri On Sone Passenger (DGR) 10:00
03312 Dehri On Sone – Barwadih Passenger (DGR) 18:45
03363 Barwadih – Dehri On Sone Passenger (Shuttle) 22:00
03364 Dehri On Sone – Barwadih Passenger (Shuttle) 5:45
03383Gaya – DDU Fast Passenger20:1820:20
03384DDU – Gaya Fast Passenger06:2306:25
03381Gaya – Dehri On Sone MEMU Special14:50
03382Dehri On Sone – Gaya MEMU Special16:10

**Before starting your journey please check the time table on NTES mobile app for more accuracy. We try our best to keep the time table updated but it might change anytime as per the decision of Railway board/zones.

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